Cuvée Jolo 2010
Cuvée Jolo 2010





Tomorrow, starting at 11.00 am, the third edition of the “modern time” Amorioles will take place. This 5 km long walk through the Maury vineyards will host another interesting event: Michelin star cook Pascal Borrell has designed a 7 course meal, divided over 7 stands along the walking route. At every station, a handful of producers will offer a tasting of their wines, selected in order to “fit in” with the food.




Of course, Domaine de la Coume Majou will be present, offering its fortified Maury grenat, Cuvée Jolo 2010

 to accompany the chocolate sweet, exquisite climax

to a gourmet happening.









For those not yet aware of what we are producing, here follows a short description of our winery and its Maury.






Domaine de la Coume Majou, a new winemaking entity, was created from scratch in the Agly River valley in 2005, a premium wine producing area close to the Spanish border. It now includes just under 10 hectares of old vines (25 to 90 years of age), mostly on limestone soil. It produces 12 - 15.000 bottles of red wine and a small quantity of rosé and white wine, at a very low yield indeed (around 15 hl/ha), as well two fortified wines.

The owner and winemaker, Luc Charlier, is a 56-year-old Belgian who has been a free-lance wine jounalist and wine lecturer for 20 years. He has a medical education and holds a post-graduate training in biostatistics and chemistry, as well as in business management.

His lady-friend, Christine, has been promoting the wines in top-of-the range French restaurants from the last 3 years and proudly boasts no less than 20 Michelin star-rated clients for the time being.

The wines have been listed four times in the famous “Guide Hachette du Vin” over the last 5 editions.


Short technical overview



All activities, both in the field and in the cellar, are handled almost single-handedly by the owner, with the help of a part-time collaborator, a grape-grower for over 20 years himself.

Although claiming “organic farming” is not yet realistic, all the vineyards are managed conservatively, reintroducing mostly manual labour in weeding, gentle ploughing, organic manuring, limiting pesticides and chemicals as far as possible. Grape picking is done by hand, in small 20 pounds cases and strict sorting out of the bunches is resorted to.

No wood aging takes place, the hallmark of the estate wines being their fruitiness. In order to prevent the so frequent occurence of “corked” bottles, Coume Majou has decided to use only screw tops (no cork whatsoever).



Cuvée Jolo 2010 VDN Maury Grenat


It is a fortified red wine, elaborated along the same method as Vintage Port, starting from very ripe late-picked grenache bunches. It is bottled early without any oxydative aging (after 10 months in stainless steel)) in order to preserve a vibrant fruitiness and good tanins. Keeps between 85 gram of residual sugar per liter and only 16,5 vol % in alcohol (ABV, i.e. 29 proof).




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