He’ll soon be living in Vilvoorde

        a busy suburb

to the north of Brussels  –

where his in-laws operate

a highly specialized

glass blowing factory.

That at least I hold for certain.






He has just been hired – first full-time job – by a company wanting him to improve contacts and smoothen the edges between customers all over Europe and the headquarters. His profound knowledge of such languages as French, Dutch, English, Spanish and the devastating power of his charm will work miracles, no doubt.



You know him as well, he’s Lo, the second half of “Cuvée Jolo”, our world renowned Maury fortified wine.


He qualified last year as an interpretor/translater and had been applying for various positions with some assiduity for the last six months. They managed not to want him in a final selection group at Microsoft ... much to my relief.

Do you imagine Léon’s son working for the computer tycoon ?


As I have it, his future duties will be varied and, as is often the case when the job description is not over-precise, will depend on his own enthusiasm and abilities. He will be Antwerp-based, with an easy railway connection to his home, a clear advantage in traffic-intensive Flanders.


Good luck Loïc, and enjoy it as much as you can.

I hope you can have a few days off at harvest time.




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    Loïc (samedi, 09 février 2013 18:15)

    I'm signing on monday to be employed in the Hospitalisation Unit, where I shall maintain frequent contact with doctors and hospital managers. Surely, the fine upbringing my parents provided rich in scientific jargon and anecdotes of medical prowess will prove to be beneficial for yours truly...

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    Centrifugal Juicer (samedi, 13 avril 2013 06:29)

    I just shared this on Facebook! My friends will really want it!