He lives

– at least I hope he still does –

in Port Elisabeth.

Weather is fine and

he has not heard of

Police Room 619.










Rumour has it he’s now a fully qualified diving instructor, complete with the certificate, the accreditation cards and all that.


You know him, he’s Jo, the first half of “Cuvée Jolo”, our world renowned Maury fortified wine.


Did you know there are various scuba diving associations which issue diplomas?


One – his by the way – is a professional body training instructors, called PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, would you believe it ? It’s main aim is to provide its members with a reliable technique and knowledge enabling them to become a paid instructor in a relatively restricted time. So, our Johan can legally take you safely for a ride now ... underwater.


But this is not the end of the story. He followed this training course as a “hors d’oeuvre” - a starter of a kind – to a longer stay in South Africa, working there for a nongovernmental organization aiming at facilitating the integration of foreign students in this country.


So, we will miss him during our next picking campaign.


If he reads me, he’s welcome to send us the prominent items

of news from South Africa, which we will then duly convey to you.

A big Hello to you, Johan !




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    Juicer Reviews (vendredi, 19 avril 2013 08:06)

    I just shared this on Twitter! My pals will definitely want it!