WHAT THE HELL .... (Part Two)

Half a Jolo label
Half a Jolo label




I made a few mistakes, sheer ignorance,

in the previous delivery of this blog concerning Johan.



Yes, “... he’s doing fine in lovely SA!”

but he’s not staying in Port Elizabeth yet.

It will only be the case next week.


Concerning the diving now: not a “dive instructor” but rather a “dive master”. Instructor will come at a later stage, with some more experience.

The exact title is “ professional recreational diver”.


Concerning the real “job” then: Khaya Volunteers is the name of the company and he’ll actually be at work as of next week. While they do predominantly work with students, it's actually volunteers in the broader sense that he’ll be coordinating.




Concerning our « vendanges » : yes, we’ll have to do without him this year again. This being said, it took me, for one, ages to get to know what I really wanted to do and I keep repeating the first goal of education is to reach this stage. So, full marks for him.

According to his very words: - “I feel happy, Vader, quite an odd feeling !”


What a pity we miss a fully functional Pope,

I would have requested a special blessing on this occasion.



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