Houston (TX), September 1989
Houston (TX), September 1989





And Houston, TX

it was where

this snapshot

 was taken,

way back in 1989.







On this gracious picture you discover two young, but nevertheless brilliant, university academics, discussing this and that at the lunch table which provided a welcome break during a workshop with late Prof. Jay P. Sanford, held in Texas somewhere around mid-September (17-20th) of 1989, at the venue of the yearly ICAAC (Interscience Conference for Antimicrobial  Agents and Chemotherapy). At that time, enjoying one glass of wine with one’s meal, in due moderation, was not yet considered a capital sin by yankee puritanism.


I have just recovered the picture from a pile of archives I try to sort and organise.

Our character on the left, Prof. Jack Levy, is presently head of the Department of Paediatrics at the University Hospital Saint-Pierre in the Brussels town center, an important teaching hospital in the capital city of Europe, whereas our character on the right has already been introduced to you a few days ago, and constituted the main subject of today’s first post on my blog.


Jack always looked much younger than his actual age, but don’t be misled: this is some 25 years ago still. Herman looks even younger than that presently. He’s an almost compulsive jogger and indulges into dayly bouts of this physical insanity with his lady-companion.



My very own belly plays in another league altogether.

Yet, I am the working-class hero!






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