Here comes the "Fuder"
Here comes the "Fuder"







This is the place !








Today, we emptied this "niche" - actually an old concrete tank from which I had the front panel cut away - of all its contents: mainly cardboard boxes of our wines ready for sale. After a delicate mobbing (courtesy of C.Civale), it is clean and ready to accept the "Niepoort's Fuder", that will be delivered tomorrow.


This is a special day for us, as wood, albeit very old and venerable, makes its first appearance at Domaine de la Coume Majou. Don't worry, it won't "mark" the wine at all, just help the tannins soften a bit and give it a smooth edge, very much in Niepoort's style. But wait and see.


Today three years ago, my father passed away. We will think of him while filling the vat. He would have liked the idea of our wines being influenced by this great winemaker. Who knows, perhaps the pieces of masonry we notice on my picture may convey some of the flavors to his new avatar, wherever he may wander? I, for one, doubt it very much, but this Great Architect of his may have one more trick up his sleeve. I'm not a great believer in him either.


I cannot wait.






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