Rev. H. Russell

about to address

his flock.










A reader sent us a very gracious picture of Rev. Howart Russell, a former representative of the European Union in the Kingdom of Norway, on a pastoral tour in remote parts of France. This prominent member of the Kirk of Scotland and his wife, Lady Isobel Stuart McMontmorency, paid a visit to a deviant heathen cheese-maker, an Alison something, alledgedly on her way to repentance.


After serving  long years, yes a score of years indeed, in the army of the Blind under the guidance of José Bové, she eventually exhibited signs of rejoining the faithful ones. Yet, the road to salvation could still be a long and tedious process. Indeed, unwanted books of all kinds have been found on her premises: a language course of Arabic, a treaty of oenology and a notebook on alcohol distillation, a precise textbook of female anatomy (goats, ewes, sows, unicorns ...), the complete work of Virgina Woolf and a video of loathed Semitic film-maker W. Allen (All you always wanted to know about S..  etc ). 



My dear brethren, let's pray for poor Alison's soul

and hope the Reverend can assist her towards

securing eternal salute. Amen.



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