Since the Scots voted

against independence,

many a citizen

opted for exile. 





We met a bunch of them at the X-mas market fair in Marseillan. Well, kind of ....


The band was founded by a Archibald MacAlister, hailing from Lochaber, some 10 years ago. Most of its members, though, speak excellent French with a definitely southern accent and look like thoroughbred "gardians" or gypsies. Their home base is .... Beaucaire.


Notwithstanding this knowledge, one must marvel at the powerful sound of their big Highland pipes and at the rythm of their traditional drums. I tried to lift some of the kilts, just a bit, in order to make sure, but couldn't spot any ... sgian-duhb. So, my doubts will persist forever.


A mild "tramuntana" was blowing over the lake and some gusts of wind brought heavy smells of "vin chaud" to our nostrils, with no hint of peat.


Somewhere down the road, at a distance, a vague undulating shape

glided across the surface of the water under the pale moonlight.

Christine and I couldn't be sure of course, but it looked

like a giant alien snake of a kind ...

I wonder. 






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